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ACE Global Multi Assets Growth Fund

About the Fund

Launched in March 2022, the ACE Global Multi Assets Growth Fund (Fund) is a mixed-asset, open ended private mutual fund which is constituted in Labuan, Malaysia. The Fund is denominated in USD or other major currencies that is equivalent in value. The Investment decisions in relation to the Fund will be taken and implemented by ACE Investment Bank Limited, as the Manager for the Fund, in accordance with the investment objective, policies and restrictions as described in the Fund’s Information Memorandum.

Fund Objective

With a targeted fund size of USD300 million, ACE Global Multi Assets Growth Fund seeks to provide its investors with a targeted return of 20% per annum and to achieve capital growth within a 3-year investment tenure. The minimum investment amount for this Fund is USD70,000. The funds raised will be invested into Hedge Funds, Pre-IPO deals and Private Equities.

The Fund is targeted at investors looking for a medium-term investment horizon and have a medium to high-risk tolerance with aspirations of a stable stream of income through the diversification of their investment portfolio.

Fund Approach and Strategy

The Manager will be responsible for identifying and screening all potential investments, and to perform thorough due diligence with respect to those potential investments. All investment decisions for the Fund will be tabled and deliberated by the Investment Committee Members.

In relation to each proposed investment, the following matters will generally need to be complied with to the satisfaction of the Manager:

a) The principals behind the proposed investment shall demonstrate, and the due diligence investigations undertaken by the Manager shall evidence, relevant experience in or directly applicable to the market(s) in which they propose to operate.

b) The principals behind the proposed investment shall be required to evidence that they are able to dedicate sufficient time and effort to the proposed investment and have made a meaningful personal financial commitment in relation to the proposed investment.

c) The proposed strategy and business plan relating to the proposed investment contain sufficient detail to permit substantive review of the opportunity, validation of the investment concept, and disclosure of associated risk factors.

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